• Jodi Keane


Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Your first pregnancy visit is generally the longest and all other visits will be shorter.

At this visit I will get to know enough about you, your general health, previous operations, medications, and the outcomes of prior pregnancies to identify specific risks and make a plan for your pregnancy.

Seeing an obstetrician as early as possible in your pregnancy is helpful as this allows time for preventative therapies to reduce your risk of certain complications such as pre-eclampsia, look specifically for other conditions you may develop in order for early detection and intervention, and decide on tests that can only be performed at certain times in your pregnancy including most forms of screening for Down syndrome and other genetic problems.

This visit also allows time for a discussion of managing pregnancy symptoms, what visits and tests to expect and when these will occur, along with beginning your plans for birthplace, birth plan and birth mode.

It is helpful if your family doctor is able to send or if you can bring copies of any tests you have already had performed in the pregnancy.

I look forward to meeting you and your growing family.

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