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Jodi L Keane

Jodi’s primary medical degree was awarded by the University of Melbourne in 2007 where she was the top ranking student in each year, top ranking graduate and included multiple prizes and awards in obstetrics, gynaecology and medicine.


She also has additional qualification and clinical experience as a physiotherapist, a background in science and a masters degree in health management/public health and is completing an associate fellowship of medical administration, as well as holding a qualification in ultrasound assessment giving a broad range of other perspectives on health and healthcare and the ability to assess and monitor fetal growth and wellbeing.


Jodi was accepted into FRANZCOG training on first application and trained through Monash Health with a broad range of generalist and subspecialty gynaecology and gynaecological problems throughout the age-span,  and extensive tertiary and higher risk obstetrics managing twins, diabetic pregnancies, maternal medical disorders and fetal growth restriction. This gives Jodi the skillset for more complex vaginal births including twins, VBAC and vaginal breech. Jodi is passionate about woman centred care and a supported birth experience no matter what the mode and  has an interest in gentle caesarean with a current project in immediate skin-to-skin in progress.


Jodi has public appointments through Monash Health, Latrobe Regional Hospital and Wonthaggi/Cowes, giving unique access for elective surgery for public surgery in SE Melb and Gippsland  regardless of site they are seen at.

Jodi is heavily involved in medical student teaching through Monash University where she holds two teaching appointments as well as appointments with the Australian Medical Council, and has first-authored a book for junior doctors in the field of obstetrics and first-authored a book in gynaecology for junior doctors.

Jodi is also the primary author and obstetrician behind the updated Monash Women's website in collaboration with Karina Yu from Public affairs/Digital advice and is particularly proud of the useful, woman-centered and informative site that now exists. 


At SJOG/Glen Waverley Jodi is providing general gynaecological consulting, operating and pregnancy care for women who will deliver publicly at Monash Health and limited private patients.


Jodi is passionate about providing quality care that is close to home, woman centered and best evidence based.  

As a working parent, a mother of three daughters and somebody who has been through the experience of pregnancy and beyond  while completing my own training I not only 'get it' but am passionate about quality healthcare for girls and women and the achievements that are possible- I want my own family to grow up believing they  can truly achieve and gender, parenting and pregnancy are an asset, not a barrier.


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