Dr Jodi L Keane

B.Physio(hons) MBBS(hons) MHA (dist) 


Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

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Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Passionate about quality care and outcomes

woman-centred care

Providing care for girls and women, through all stages and needs, known for a thorough safe approach and careful consideration of all medical and surgical options, not just the quick fix.


I take pride in caring for the joys and challenges from the first period to contemplating starting a family, pregnancy, labour and the birth of your baby, parenting, later reproductive years and beyond into menopause and truly love the job I do and the privilege it is to be involved in some of the most important life experiences we have. 


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Many problems can be solved or treatment commenced with a simple consultation including heavy, painful or irregular periods, absent periods, routine pap tests, contraception, fertility and family planning advice, and much more 

Consultation and advice

Professional Young Woman

Have an abnormal pap test? You are not alone and the good news is most of the time you won't require surgery. Colposcopy, surveillance and when required, treatment is all available.

 Abnormal pap smears(cervical test)

Blond Woman

Suitable women can avoid minor surgery all together for IUD insertion, IUD removal, Mirena, Implanon, endometrial biopsy and other minor biopsies and procedures

Minor procedures


I offer minimally invasive, traditional abdominal and vaginal surgery for a range of gynaecological conditions matched to pathology, clinical need and patient preference



Holding Hands

Pre pregnancy planning

Want to start a family? I'm here to help with the tests and advice to get both of you in the best possible shape for a healthy pregnancy and beyond. Pre-pregnancy homework made easy!

Young Couple Expecting

Pregnancy care

For women who plan to give birth in the public system and a select number of private patients, I provide an opportunity for all your pregnancy visits to be with senior clinician care seeing one obstetrician in purpose built rooms.

young siblings

After baby

To baby and beyond- advice for your physical recovery, post-partum medical review, contraceptive and family spacing counselling and our pleasure to catch up with you and your new baby